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Stones & Glass

We are taking the product category “White Glass” to a whole new level with our brand new revolutonary collection, “Stones & Glass.” It contains all of the popular properties you love of “White Glass Thassos” but instead of only looking like Thassos,  it is now also available in Calacatta & Statuary Marble colors. Stones & Glass  is made up of crystal glass instead of porcelain, which allows the ink-jet printing process to be seen at the most optimal HD levels, making it virtually  impossible to see any sort of pixels. Crystal glass also allows the white background color to be a true and impressive stark white like authentic white marbles instead of the typical porcelain stoneware off-white color. There are also multiple natural looking random patterns, eliminating the possibility of repeated pieces showing up next to each other. Stones & Glass  also contains a porcelain backing making the product even more durable and easier to fabricate as well as install. 
  • Featured Product: White Glass Calacatta 2
  • Featured Product: White Glass Calacatta
  • Featured Product: White Glass Statuary
  • Featured Product: White Glass Thassos

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16" x 16"
16" x 32"
32" x 32"
12" x 24"
24" x 24"
12" x 12"
6" x 24"
6" x 18"

Thickness: 10.5mm/11.5mm/12.5mm depending on the tile size

* White Glass Calacatta & White Glass Statuary are only available in 16x16, 16x32, & 32x32 sizes (10.5mm thickness). All sizes displayed are Nominal and in Inches. Special Cut sizes and additional trim pieces may be available upon request.


Trim Pieces are not available in this collection.




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White Glass Calacatta: Polished 12x12, Polished 12x24, Polished 16x16
White Glass Statuary: Polished 16x32, Polished 32x32
White Glass Thassos: Polished 12x12, Polished 12x24, Polished 16x16, Polished 24x24

9-11 weeks

All Other Tile Colors, Finishes & Sizes

* Lead time is approximate and can vary based on quantity ordered, production schedule & delivery location.