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Gramercy Park

Meet “Gramercy Park”, a shaped clay, wisely molded, aged, and artfully glazed all over unique surface’s imperfections.
“Gramercy Park sets forth an exclusive and surprising personality in the versatile 2×9 size where 18 colors and shades evolve in a prestigious, organic and colorful concept. On a porcelain body then 3rd firing glazed, the program enriches and furnishes walls but also can be used for FLOORS with a charming and pleasant touch.
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2" x 9"

Thickness: 3/8''

* All Sizes shown above are for standard tile colors ONLY and not applicable for mosaics and/or decorative pieces. All sizes displayed are Nominal and in Inches. Special Cut sizes may be available upon request.





Heavy Traffic


6-8 weeks

Autumn Matte
Bisque Matte
Black Matte
Blue Matte
Clay Glossy
Cotton Matte
Dove White Matte
Full White Glossy
Graystone Glossy
Half White Glossy
Lagoon Glossy
Mud Matte
Savannah Glossy
Seagrass Glossy
Silver Matte
Vanilla Glossy

* Lead time is approximate and can vary based on quantity ordered, production schedule & delivery location.