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Basalt Grigio

Meet Basalt Grigio, a collection orientated towards investigating the natural elegance of stone in order to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic and architectonic tastes and requirements. Basalt Grigio is a full body porcelain that is inspired by the basaltina stone, depending on the work process. These two sizes are available also help to create unique atmospheres suitable to public spaces, just like living environments that have impact and a strong character.
  • Featured Product: Basalt Grigio Chiaro
  • Featured Product: Basalt Grigio Chiaro
  • Featured Product: Basalt Grigio Scuro
  • Featured Product: Basalt Grigio Scuro

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12" x 24"
24" x 24"

Thickness: 3/8"

* All Sizes shown above are for standard tile colors ONLY and not applicable for mosaics and/or decorative pieces. All sizes displayed are Nominal and in Inches. Special Cut sizes and additional trim pieces may be available upon request.


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Basalt Grigio Chiaro: 12x24 & 24x24 - MATTE
Basalt Grigio Scuro: 12x24 & 24x24 - MATTE

* Lead time is approximate and can vary based on quantity ordered, production schedule & delivery location.