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Meet Arabelle, a noble and timeless material which perfectly matches any other material in walls as well as on floors adding elegance and a trendy vintage touch. There are several tiling options to easily adapt to all kind of projects: a house on the country side, an urban loft, a Baroque stylish room etc.
  • Featured Product: ALPINE
  • Featured Product: ARABELLE DARK
  • Featured Product: DARK
  • Featured Product: DARK 2
  • Featured Product: DARK 3
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  • Featured Product: DARK 5
  • Featured Product: VINTAGE GREY
  • Featured Product: VINTAGE GREY 2
  • Featured Product: VINTAGE MIX
  • Featured Product: VINTAGE MIX 2

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3.5" x 15.75"

Thickness: 3/8

* All Sizes shown above are for standard tile colors ONLY and not applicable for mosaics and/or decorative pieces. All sizes displayed are Nominal and in Inches. Special Cut sizes and additional trim pieces may be available upon request.

**This Collection comes in 3.5x15.75 PLANK Piece and 3.5x15.75 CHEVRON Piece**


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Alpine: 3.5x15.75 (Chevron)
Dark: 3.5x15.75 (Chevron)
Vintage Grey: 3.5x15.75 (Chevron)
Vintage Mix: 3.5x15.75 (Chevron)

* Lead time is approximate and can vary based on quantity ordered, production schedule & delivery location.